Frequently Asked Questions

We do in fact offer customization at the end of every video so that your prospective clients can reach you directly.

You can absolutely hire a video company. Just keep in mind that an excellent videographer can be costly and the lead time to create your video may be weeks. You may also need to write your own script or incur additional costs having the videographer create a script for you.

Silk & Stone is cost effective, high quality cinematic storytelling that can be used immediately. You can start using your videos immediately after purchase.

Your video can be used on your website, youtube, e-mail marketing, Facebook ads, or you can play your video on a loop at events or for presentations or even in your office reception area.

If you are excellent on video then by all means you should appear in your video, but most people don’t feel that they are able to accurately translate who they are through video. And a poor representation of who you are can damage rather than elevate your brand.

Any attorney who wants to professionalize his or her practice within the practice areas that we service and does not want the high cost of hiring a videographer directly.

Video is more critical than ever when more people are watching rather than reading content. Video is also important in modern marketing because we know that storytelling influences behavior and video is a superb medium to tell a story in a very economical way.